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Saturady November 19, 2016

How to Tell if You Are a Sheeple.


1 You agree with your friends

2 You get your news from comedy shows or comedians.

3 You believe that humans have caused our climate to warm up, despite the fact that the effect of the Sun is 10,000 times as powerful as what we have done over 220 years.

 4 You believe that there is some magical being that can cure our illnesses if we pray to it.

5 You have never questioned why politicians take so many selfies and post them to social media websites.

6 You are on Facebook or snapchat, tinder.

7 You are too busy trying to make ends meet and think that Donald Trump is going to ruin the USA and start a nuclear war with Russia.

8 You voted for Hillary Clinton or wished you could have voted for her.

9 You don't believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton visited the Sex Island owned by Jeff Epstein, more than 5 times and it was only for a relaxing vacation.

10 you trust the Main Stream media to tell you the truth about politicians.


Be assured if you believe any of the above you are a sheeple and deserve whatever happens to you and your friends and family. 


Saturday, June 18, 2016

His Honour, Mayor John Tory.

Toronto City Hall

100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

M5H 2N2 

 Dear Mayor Tory

 As a follow up to my previous letter of Saturday June 18, 2016, I thought I should offer examples of cities I have visited, where above ground subway trains are used in combination with the underground lines. Boston is the closest and Paris, France is another. I have been fortunate enough to have spent time in both cities in the past five years. 

 As you may well be aware, both cities have a much more extensive subway system, but they also realized that it was not necessary to bury all the trains. In doing so, they saved a vast amount of money and were able to better serve their citizens. 

 The Sheppard Subway line was put in at a huge expense to satisfy the former mayor Mel Lastman. It ran into costs overruns paid for by the city. Not only was it costly, the stations are shorter and the cars are not compatible with the newer or the previous ones. This is what happens when politicians let their egos get in the way of what actually needs to be dome. Operating several different types of underground vehicles requires separate facilities and procedures for maintenance and repair. This doesn't make sense to most people who understand the difficulties of maintaining large fleets of moving equipment. 

 Because the Sheppard subway is not compatible with the main Toronto subway system, it will not be able to be easily extended to connect with either the Spadin west line or the extension to the Scarborough Town Center. I hope that you realize this. 

 I must say that I am dismayed by the inability of the City council to realize that more people would be better served by a subway under Queen Street from Woodbine to the lakeshore west Streetcar loop at the Queensway.  The surface route from Roncenvalles to the Queensway Loop is above ground and easily convertible to a surface subway train route. Tunneling, using the tunnel boring equipment used for the York University extension, could be done with minimal disturbance of the surface roadway. 

 As mayor of the city, you have the responsibility of being a leader, from the idea of being willing to spend 4 billion dollars on an underground subway when the existing above ground right of way could be utilized at a quarter of the cost and be in place in a couple of years if the existing SLRT were completely shut down during the construction phase.  The LRT could be replaced with 4 Express busses from each of the existing stations to the Kennedy subway system. Each express bus could be rapidly turned around at the existing stations. 

 Because the existing surface bus routes connect to the SLRT stations only  slight modifications to continue the connections of those bus routes to the express buses to Kennedy station would be needed. Only the interior of the stations would need to be closed during the construction phases. A fleet of 24 busses would be sufficient to provide more than 1000 persons per trip for the route. At current prices this would amount to less than 20 million dollars, a small cost to save over 3 billion dollars, don't you think? This would be about 10,000 persons per hour in each direction. It might be inconvenient for the construction of the above ground subway line but would be well worth the short-term inconvenience. The time frame would be much shortened to a third of the time. Not only that, by using the existing stations more people would be better served.  

 Once again, I request a meeting with you to discuss this proposal. R.S.V.P.


Selwyn Firth.  Hons. B.Sc., M.A.Sc.  chemical engineer.  647 930 2581 C 647 217 5116

320 Lumsden Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M4C 2l1

Saturday. June 18, 2016

His Honour Mayor John Tory.

Toronto City Hall

100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

M5H 2N2 

Dear Mayor Tory

I am writing this letter to offer a cost saving solution to the proposed Scarborough subway extension from Kennedy Station to the Scarborough Town Center, which is currently served by the Scarborough LRT.

Because the LRT right of way already exists, it would be a relatively simple matter to remove the existing LRT infrastructure and  install the rails and signals for an  ABOVE ground subway line. This would save about 3 billion dollars of the tunneling costs.

We already have exposed subway lines on the Danforth, Yonge and Spadina Lines.  There may be a few problems during heavy snowfalls but these can be reduced, as they are now, by running subway trains over the exposed portions during heavy snowfalls, which prevents massive snow and ice buildups.  The existing LRT stations can be easily converted to subway stations at a fraction of the cost of constructing new ones.  In areas where the LRT is elevated Overpasses for the surface traffic mostly cars and trucks and busses  can be built at a fraction of the cost of tunneling.

It is not too late to make the decision to go above ground. It makes economic sense and it would speed up the construction by four years. Building above ground electrified subway lines is the simplest solution to this problem. Not only is it much less expensive, the above ground line would be more pleasing because of the ability of commuters to see the surrounding areas and appreciate the marvel of the city infrastructure.

I hope that you would be kind enough to meet with you to discuss this further.


Sincerely yours 

Selwyn Firth.   Hons. B.SC., M.A.Sc. chemical engineer.

320 Lumsden Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

m4C 2L1     ph 647 930 2581  c 647 217 5116.

May 22 2016

There is STUPID and then there is Kathleen Wynne 

 Her Government is worse than that of her predecessor Dalton McGuinty. 

The latest leaked documents about her Climate Action plan demonstrates that. The Liberals are essentially brain dead politicians, who have bought into the man made global warming issues. They and many others actually believe, or so they say, that mankind's use of hydrocarbon based fuels can actually heat the atmosphere far more than fluctuations in the Sun's energy output. This despite the sun heating is 10,000 times greater than mankind's. This means that a fluctuation of 0.001 percent of the solar output would mask that of mankind. 

Their plan is based on their perception, not on science nor on the economy and the potential downturn if such a plan is put in place. Forcing companies to use more expensive energy ensures that prices will rise, reducing consumption of those products, thus slowing economic growth. That in turn means job losses as the manufacturers have to produce less. The Liberals seem to think that they can legislate growth; they obviously know little of how the economy works. 

The province of Ontario's debt is already over 315,000,000 dollars, half of the Canadian government's debt. Interest payments make up at least 8.5 percent of the budget of 133.9 billion every year. This works out to 11.4 billion dollars of the budget goes to paying interest on the 315 billion dollops owed. .

Liberal Governments have been largely responsible for spending borrowed money as if it does not matter to the people. Obviously, they are right because they keep being elected by the sheeple of Ontario. The STUPIDITY should have stopped at the last election but  the conservatives and their leader, Tim Hudak were vilified as being too pragmatic for the province, so we end with a return of the Liberals and their stupidity.

I suspect that it is not mere stupidity. I believe there is massive corruption because of the money involved and if one follows the money who benefits. Large corporations who can secretly funnel money into offshore accounts in places like the Cayman Islands and other secretive banking locations. People are greedy and politicians are no better than most, if they can see a way to secretly get money they will go for it. The extra 1.5 billion given to Samsung was pure profit and I cannot imagine some people involved in agreeing to the terms did not suggest that they should benefit and I am sure the people at Samsung agreed to compensate them using offshore accounts. 

Since Brian Mulroney was exposed accepting bribes politicians have become more secretive in the methods of accepting illicit money, but I am convinced it still goes on. Relatives of the premiers and friends somehow find jobs with large corporations that do business with governments at all levels. Corporate books are audited but many large items are simply Ok'd and only the auditor knows the details and they are sworn to secrecy for private and public companies.  The mismanagement of governments is spotlighted by the auditor generals but they can only point out the overspending but have no way to investigate what the company did with the money it receives.

 Copyright May 2016 all rights reserved Selwyn Firth

April 26, 2010


It has been a couple of months since my last post. I have been trying to get my other websites up and running, but having difficulty due to glitches in the hosting company ipage. I am not very happy about it.


Nevertheless, I have been amazed at how the Republican primary has gone against Donald Trump, despite the fact that he keeps winning delegates. The media as well as the Republican insiders have been dead set against him. Now the last two remaining candidates have openly colluded openly in a last ditch desperation to try to   defeat him in a few states. His polling numbers are so high that it is unlikely that their strategy will work, and most likely will backfire.  

They apoplexy is so intense that they can only grasp at straws to attempt to prevent him from winning the nomination. It is very likely that Trump will be very close to the 1000 delegate count by this evening. He is the only one with a chance to reach the majority needed, yet the other two are continuing despite their complete failure to catch up,, both have fallen farther behind   as voters realize that he is the only one who has the following and ability to beat the eventual Democratic nominee. .  

If one analyses the process from afar it seems clear that the powers that be in the Republican Party would rather have, the Lying egregious Hillary Clinton, who was partly responsible for the laws that have allowed the mass incarceration of mostly young African Americans, become president , because is already bought and controlled by them.  This is truly a serious and awful time for the United States of America.  Only Donald J. Trump has the ability to correct the mistakes of the past few presidents.  

If Trump is denied the Republican nomination, he could go independent and still beat the other two since he will win over many soft democrats as well as his followers. Once again, the Republican plotters may see their efforts backfire and then they become his enemies. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

Selwyn R. Firth, Toronto.    

February 28, 2016

Mr. Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister's Office

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON

 K1A 0A2


Dear Justin


Recently the Canadian Government allowed the sale of some $ 500 million dollars to Saudi Arabia, one of the, if not the most egregious violent dictatorships in the world. It recently sentenced an atheist to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes as punishment for tweets he posted. Canada was based on the British system of Justice developed over the past millennium, and our freedoms were hard fought for and freedom to criticize governments and other people is allowed, providing lies are not told.


As Prime Minister, it is your duty to speak up against such an evil empire. Remaining silent, will speak volumes about you, your government and your respect for human rights. I may be the only Canadian who cares about what is happening in the Mideast, who dares to complain about the worst states there. Saudi Arabia ought to be shut out of dealing with Canada in all ways, shapes and forms because of the cruelty it forces on its citizens. If you do not speak out against this regime now it will only embolden them for future atrocities and human rights violations.


Growing up with the opportunities you had, isolated you from the grim reality and evil of the world. You chose to become the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and were elected to represent Canadian values, not your s, on the world stage. I hope that you have the sense to realize that. Silence will be telling.  Please note I will be posting this letter to my website



Sincerely yours



Selwyn Firth

320 Lumsden Avenue

Toronto. Ontario

M4C 2L1. Ph 647 930 2581 c 647 217 5116


"A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a man to 10 years imprisonment and 2,000 lashes for hundreds of atheist posts on Twitter, media reported.

The Saudi religious police, which is also responsible for monitoring social networks, found more than 600 “atheist” tweets on the page of an unnamed user, AP reports.

The user was said to deny the existence of God, ridicule verses from the Koran, and accused all prophets of lying and fueling hostilities through their teachings, according to Al-Watan online daily.

The 28-year-old man, whose name has not been disclosed, is said to have admitted his atheist views and refused to repent, saying the tweets reflect his beliefs and that he has the right to express them.

Along with imprisonment and corporal punishment, the man was also slapped with a fine of 20,000 riyals (about $5,300)", Reuters reports.

This letter was written and mailed on the date shown

Wednesday November 4, 2015
Minister Catherine McKenna
Ministry of the Environment
Government of Canada
Office of the Minister of Environment
Parliament building
Ottawa, Ontario 

Dear Minister McKenna

I am writing to you to offer my services as a scientific advisor to you in your new position as minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

My background is chemistry and science in general. I have operated a business recycling heavy metal waste from the electroplating industry and developed a pilot plant under a grant from the Ontario ministry of Environment in 1991. 

Since then I have obtained a M.A.Sc., in chemical engineering for work on a novel approach to recovery of certain heavy metals using a novel approach to solublization of the contaminants. 

I have also looked into the issue of global warming and the chemical engineering aspects of it with relationship to man's input to the energy balance. The book is only available as an ebook on The title is Global Warming and Climate Change Lies.  From the title, you can see that I concluded that what the IPCC has maintained is incorrect and actually fraudulent, without merit and based on computer programs rather than empirical evidence.  I am sure that as a lawyer you understand the difference and realize that in law empirical evidence overwhelms theory, especially unproven hypothesis. 

I must say I do not envy you because of a number of things, primarily your ignorance of science related to the portfolio and secondly your reliance on yes men, who either believe the lies they have been told or that they know but are willing to tell you what they think you want to know. That does not leave you with much choice in the matter. Since I am going to be 65 at the end of the year, I am willing to work for you as your direct assistant for $ 1.00 per annum, plus any expenses incurred in doing so. The proverbial dollar a year man. 

The next week will be important for you to select your advisors; I know that you will not find a more knowledgeable person than me or one with more insight and ability to separate fact from fiction. I am probably the best person you could have on your staff since I am the most honest and have the highest integrity of anyone I know, but I am unwilling to agree with those who are manipulative and this may not be acceptable to you, in that the Liberal Party of Canada, has already bought into the IPCC lies about global warming. 

Sincerely yours 

Selwyn Firth Hons. B. Sc., M.A.Sc. 

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

The Idiotic Panel of Climate Conspirators (IPCC) wrapped up another useless waste of taxpayers money to agree to do nothing important about our climate. This is actually a good thing because trying to achieve what they want would be useless and expensive. The only people to benefit would be the Al Gore's of the world, people who have big plans to make money off of brokering carbon credits. Luckily, only Germany and some smaller nations have bought into that. 

Speaking to a fellow engineer today, we cannot believe the naivety of the general populations of the world. They act like sheep and have bought into the most outrageous lies, just as Dr. Joseph Goebbels stated, "The Majority of people will believe the most outrageous lies if they are repeated enough".  This is what has happened in the Global Warming issue. They had to change the name to Climate Change in 2009 after the scandal Climategate broke about the pause in temperature not rising despite the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

The most interesting aspect of our dependence on hydrocarbons is all the major transport industries. They cannot use other fuels, because they are not energy dense enough to be able to compete with hydrocarbons for combustion. There will never be an efficient electrically powered freight train, ship, tractor-trailer or a commercial airplane. If and there is a real possibility that the Earth will run out of buried petroleum sources that are easy to extract there will then have to be a practical method to synthesize them. This is not a pipe dream since there are no simple suitable power sources available for the above-mentioned industries.  While it is theoretically possible to power a cargo ship via nuclear fission reactor, the cost puts them out of reach for anyone depending on revenue from shipping to pay for them. If they were practical, they would have already been in use. 

Therein lies the problem with the IPCC and the scientists who came up with this notion that human production of combustion products has any real effect on how our climate behaves. The only factual results are that the increased levels of CO2 have resulted in faster plant growth and larger yields of products everywhere. This means that for the time being, the world should be producing enough food to feed everyone and store some every year to compensate for times when there are variations in local weather conditions that reduce growth. 

It is regrettable that the majority of the world's population is unable to understand the basics of science and especially chemistry to realize how they have been mislead by the people like Al Gore and the IPCC. They are so poorly educated and understand so little they believe the uneducated comedians like Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah of the Daily show, both who have seemingly bought into the Humans are wreaking havoc on the planet and we need to reduce the use of hydrocarbon fuels. There actions prove that they like most of the members of the IPCC and the climatologists who claim that excess carbon dioxide is bad, are hypocrites. These arguments seemingly are here to stay and it will take future generations to realize how the fraudsters in the IPCC duped their parents or grandparents.

copyright Dec 23,2015 By Selwyn Firth all rights reserved.

Wednesday December 17, 2015

The Goebbels Climatologist completed their "Climate Change" conference in Paris last week and announced a non-binding agreement to reduce the use of carbon based fuels worldwide.  Then they all hopped in their carbon-fueled planes for the trip home. Such blatant hypocrisy seems to be typical of Goebbels Climatologists. They just keep on spouting lies and scare tactics to convince people that humans are able to influence the global climate.

They get away with it simply because they use a pseudo scientific method to develop their warnings. That is they use poorly programmed computers to predict the future results of man's production of carbon dioxide.  To date not a single prediction has come true. They just keep lieing over and over making evermore-dire claims about what is happening.

Tidal gauge readings at sites not subject to subsidence have been kept since about 1880. They show a slow steady increase of about 8 inches since that time. Thus, the rate of rise has been 8/ 175 years or 0.045 inches per year.  That is about 1.6 mm per year.  Now all of a sudden the IPCC has been claiming a much bigger rate of increase of some 2- 4 mm per year. This is double what has been occurring.

The worst thing is that they do not use the established standard tidal gauges: rather they use computer predictions as well as satellite readings from 120 miles above the surface. The satellites have to move at speeds of over 20,000 miles per hour.  The scientists involved actually believe that they can measure a variable tide to an accuracy of less than 1 mm. in this manner.  This is a prime example of hubris on the part of the scientists.

The moon has the greatest effect on tides since it has a gravitational attraction to the Earth and everything on it.  This attraction varies constantly and therefore the tides must vary constantly. Since the satellites are moving constantly, there position never coincides with the highest sea level because both vary simultaneously. Both the satellite position and the ocean level vary with the position of the moon. Now some and possibly all will claim that they can make a mathematic adjustment to the readings to account for the lunar attraction. That is: they add a fudge factor in order to account for any differences. This is inherently wrong in science and thus their readings should be discounted as inaccurate.

The general public has little if any appreciation of the workings of scientific machines or the principle on which they were designed. This ignorance allows them to be manipulated by those who desire to achieve a particular goal using lies. This is simply propaganda as defined and used by the NAZI party of Germany in the 1930's under the direction of Dr, Joseph Goebbels, a psychologist. The IPCC and the climatologists that work in concert are thus Goebbels's climatologists and cannot be trusted, since their objective is to convince people that carbon dioxide is a serious pollutant.

They do this despite the requirement by plants to use carbon dioxide as a growth material. In fact, it has been shown that the more carbon dioxide in an atmosphere the faster the plants grow. This knowledge is used by operators of greenhouses to increase productivity. They increase the concentration to about 20 percent by exhausting natural gas burners into the greenhouses during daytime to achieve much faster growth. Of course, such concentrations are dangerous to humans so they ensure no one is inside during this burning. To date there have been no reports of any deaths due to being trapped inside such greenhouses when the atmosphere is 20 percent carbon dioxide.


Those people who want to implement a carbon tax are mainly politicians who simply want to use the tax to increase government revenues so they will have more money to spend on projects to ensure their re-election. The others who advocate a carbon cap and trade program simply have mechanisms in place to profit from brokering carbon credits obtained from companies or individuals who claim to be producing carbon negative sources of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines. Of course, they do not take into consideration the amount of carbon dioxide produced in making those products.


The recent Dec. 2015 agreement signed by some 200 countries is simply laughable since it is voluntary enforcement. This means that most countries will simply not enforce it and those that do will be economically depressed. The underdeveloped countries of Africa  will be ignored and will be held back since they will be urge red to remain undeveloped so that western countries can exploit their reliance on carbon neutral or carbonless production of products consumed locally.

India and China are being urged to clime on board the "carbon dioxide is bad" train and they may actually do it. It appears as though non-science has won out over real science once again. It is as bad as it was in Galileo's day when it was Religion that won out for at least a century. The same thing seems to have occurred now with the IPCC being the Vatican and Al Gore substituting for the pope.  Hopefully it will not last as long since, sunspot activity is very low and it has been cooling over the last 19 years.  Sea levels are not rising and Antarctica is accumulating more snow for the past five years.

Those who are mostly ignorant people concerned about their social media appearance and other trivial amusements care only about themselves and care little if any about the world. They do not or cannot be bothered trying to understand anything that is not a toy. They will find that as they get older they have been royally screwed by the leaders they were stupid to trust. As usual, society always gets what it deserves, whether good or bad. 

The Syrian Refugee Issue

The western countries instigated the civil war that has created the desire for the Syrian refugees to leave the country. The leaders of the western countries are to blame for the civil war and should be punished for what they have done. The issue is for control of the vast oil reserves of the Middle East and nothing more.  For a long time they supported Bashar Al-Assad but then decided, they could do better if he were deposed. 

However, they forgot about the devastation wreaked upon the people of Iraq and the trillions of dollars wasted in defeating the only man who had the nerve and ruthlessness to allow a semblance of civilization, culture and education to exist in a deeply religiously divided country that was cobbled together by Britain and France in the 1920's. 

The Us President George Bush Junior committed treason and lied to Congress and the US Senate to get permission to invade Iraq in 2003. His father and the Carlyle group made tens of billions of dollars from the invasion and the bombing. So did his good buddy Dick Cheney who ran Halliburton, which also made billions from the invasion. The US of America has powerless leaders and influential capitalists and bankers who routinely decide what the US foreign policy will be. 

In all of the western countries which are going to spend billions of dollars to help these "poor" Syrian  refugees they are a prime example of hypocrisy because they will not spend a fraction of that amount on dealing with the homeless people in their respective countries. Until this stupidity stops, I suggest that the citizens of those countries disavow any help to the Syrians and actively discourage them in their communities. Do not make them feel welcome, do not help them and when possible encourage them to go somewhere else, rather than allow them to be coddled by the countries they end up in. They are no better than the homeless in those countries are and should not be given any more help than given to the homeless there.  Just because our leaders do things does not mean we have no rights to protest their decisions.  Remember if we do not fight for our rights they quickly disappear.  

The ISIS Crisis

It shouldn't require a genius to realize that the only way to deal with ISIS is to eradicate each and every one of them, no if's and's or but's. This is not possible by air bombardment. All that does is make the munitions suppliers wealthy and allows ISIS to get larger and gain strength. Everyone knows that it is blight on the mid-east and everyone knows that the US invasion of Iraq and the total devastation of the country combined with the toppling of Saddam Hussein was the impetus that sparked the birth of ISIS.  For the past 24 years, the young men of Iraq have lived a terrible life because of what the USA decided needed to be done to better control the region. How is that working out? 

One has to consider what the young men of any country would do if invaders turned their country into a hellhole like Iraq. Check out what has been going on with Israel since 1948. The young men fought them and now their children and grandchildren are fighting them. This is what is going to happen with the young men and I dare say young women of Iraq. Yes, their methods are barbaric but that is what makes them so effective. Brutality seems to inspire the millenials around the world since a great many of them appear addicted to violent video games. 

The hatred of the USA is so strong that only death of the people will stop them from trying to destroy their sworn enemy. No half measures will stop it and no amount of bombing will stop it. In fact the indiscriminate bombing which inevitably kills innocent women and children seems to drive more and more young men into the folds of ISIS. 

One should always consider what they would do or how they would react if the same things had happened to them and their country. Then and only then can one have an appreciation of what the members of ISIS endured to make them the foes they are. They have made hard choices and are willing to die for their cause. Will the NATO soldiers be as fierce and willing to do the same? If this is to end quickly, we will need to find out very soon or the west has lost the battle and their freedoms and ability to control their destiny.



The Paris attacks that killed 120 people committed by religious zealot terrorists are a signal that the leaders of Europe, North America and Russia are playing with fire in the fight against ISIS. The only way to stop these types of mass killings is to wipe out the complete members of ISIS. Although this may sound brutal and it is as long as one member remains alive, he will recruit another who has come to hate the things that those countries have done in the countries of Syria and especially Iraq. The leaders think that bombing will win this battle: they forget that it did not win the Vietnam War; it did not win the Iraq war nor the Afghanistan war, the last two, which are still ongoing.


If they want to stop ISIS, they need to destroy the idea that martyrdom is a valid way to die or these type of attacks will become routine since the perpetrators have a deeply rooted belief that dying for waging Jihad ensures them a wonderful afterlife. When people have such beliefs indoctrinated in them from the time they could speak, it is impossible to shatter that belief. This means that  people like this are available to those who can convince them that it is worthwhile to die to avenge what the western powers led by the USA, had done in the Mideastern countries for the past 100 years.


Defeating ISIS is no small task and the leaders know it but they are reluctant to deploy the ground forces needed since the backlash from their countrymen and women will be powerful and turn their legacy into garbage, as if it already has not been. Instead they will use these attacks to tighten security for everyone in the countries mentioned in a misguided attempt to defeat ISIS. The frightening thing about that approach is that the liberties people now have in those countries will be lost forever and a society of totalitarism will be the new order. This idea has been used in the movie Spectre. It is fascinating how fiction precedes reality.


The strange thing is that the citizens of the countries that impose the new security measures will willingly accept then no matter how draconian they are, simply because they are so afraid.  Canada just held Remembrance Day to honour the soldiers who fount and especially those who died or were wounded in the past two world wars. It is really sad day that the leaders of today are too cowardly to realize that the way they are attempting to deal with the depraved yet thinking ISIS operatives is flawed.


They need to admit that they blundered when they invaded Iraq and disrupted the relatively stable and secular country as a revenge tactic conceived by George Walker bush and it was totally based on lies that they fed the public. George W. Bush should have been tried for the treason acts he committed in order to invade Iraq.  This will never happen because the USA cannot admit that one of their leaders committed such a heinous act. Tony Blair in the UK did the same thing but he too is beyond reproach.


History will not be kind to the leaders who committed to destroy the country of Iraq and turned it and its people into would be members of IS. Now they are doing the same in Syria. The dictator Basir Al-Assad has been fighting a civil war instigated by the USA to overthrow him. The revolutionaries supported by the USA quickly took advantage of the situation and the financial support to become ISIS fighting first in IRAQ capturing a large supply of weapons and munitions and essentially defeating the US backed but poorly trained cowards recruited. Then ISIS turned its attention on Syria and the situation is very muddled. Russia has joined Assad with air strikes only

Bombing ISIS. It last a planeload of citizens to an ISIS bomb. Now France, which has also been bombing them in Syria, has been attacked.  Britain and the USA may be attacked next.


Without the willingness to fight ISIS in a ground combat mission the Europeans Russia and the USA and their allies will never defeat the ideology of ISIS and only make more young men from a wrecked homeland which began in 1991, before most of them were born and who grew up living in a country their grandparents could never have envisioned. No wonder they hate the invaders who destroyed their civilization, their culture and forced them to grow up in poverty. If that happened to me I would be as bitter but more determined and smarter in my attacks.


The upcoming Santa Claus parade or New Years celebrations are surely tempting targets for ISIS. Sporting matches and other soft targets such as train stations could be attacked. I am sure the would be attackers already have plans in place if they are intending on doing anything.   


It will be interesting to see how the European and American stock markets fare on Monday. There could be a flood of euros into us treasuries or the stock markets in the USA. It could also mean a stock liquidation due to the fear factor and the downward trend that lost over 400 points by the end of trading Friday could continue possibly losing 10-20 percent of its value. As always only time will tell.  


They're at it again, lying to the world about how the International Panel of Climate Confusers are able to predict the science of long term weather and climate, despite failing to do so far. They are going to use the COP to get all western countries to tax carbon dioxide production because they see it as a means of extracting money from large corporations and putting directly in their pockets as cash by trading in the so called "carbon credits" a nice little scheme to pretend that they can buy credits from very poor farmers in the third world and then resell the credits to large carbon dioxide producers.

Unfortunately, most of the western governments have listened to the charlatans like Al Gore and his cronies at the UN IPCC. The only thing that will stop the insanity is a full-scale court challenge in Germany, the USA, Canada, or England. Sadly, there isn't anyone who has the backing to mount such a challenge. The only thing that individuals such as me can do is outline the blatantly poor scientific basis for the claims put forth by the IPCC. 

Rather than rely on the scientific method which requires repeatable empirical evidence for an experiment to be accepted by the general scientific community Global Warming was simply based on a group of climatologist who wrote computer programs to allow them to claim that carbon dioxide would absorb heat from a warm earth and then use that same energy to heat the earth to an even warmer temperature than it was. That violates the second law of thermodynamics and should have been discarded, but the climatologists never studied thermodynamics and all agreed amongst themselves that they were correct. 

They have kept lying to us for the past 18 years and have to keep lying in order to keep making huge amounts of money from their idiotic lies. As Abraham Lincoln said; you can fool all of the people some of the time and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.  It appears that today most of the people are in the category of them being able to be fooled all the time. 

The problem with all of the non-science nonsense is that it tarnishes all real scientists with the same brush and we end up having a rightfully skeptical populace who trust whomever agrees with their non-scientific opinion. The scary thing is that we are now seeing the fruits of that with the numbers of children being infected by serious diseases because their parents denied then the vaccines to prevent the diseases. 

The worst thing about Canada and the election of the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau is that he had the audacity to appoint a 44-year-old lawyer to the post of Minister of Environment and Climate Change.  This woman knows less about science than I do about law. The sheer stupidity of a minister relying on the yes-men of their department ensures that they will be given the advice that they want to hear, not the truth they require to run the ministry.

It is really sad that the scammers and manipulators of science have been allowed to take over the science needed to understand what humans can and cannot do when it comes to our climate. She may be the first one of the new Ministers to screw up badly since she is involved in running a ministry that requires more than a law degree. 

Copyright Selwyn Firth  November 8, 2015

October 25, 2015 

 The Paris Climate Conference from November 30 to December 11, 2015 will once again try to convince non-scientists that man is actually able to affect the temperature of our atmosphere, despite its enormous mass and volume. (52867000000000000000 Kilograms, Volume 17000000000 cubic kilometers). They simply do not realize the enormity of the problem required to be able to control or affect the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. 

The control mechanism is related to the oceans, which cover about 70 percent of the Earth's surface. The interesting thing about water is that it has a vapor pressure that increases as its temperature goes up, thus if the ocean warms up by a fraction of a degree more water will evaporate.

The interesting thing about our atmosphere is that if it warms up it will be able to hold more water at the higher temperature. When a saturated volume of air cools as in the overnight dew or frost will form on the exposed surfaces outside, depending on the actual temperature it drops to.

The evaporated water molecules have absorbed energy and because they are lighter than air, they quickly move to the top of the atmosphere where they are able to cool by giving off infrared radiation. Once cooled they form a supersaturated solution with the other air molecules until a cosmic particle enters the atmosphere initiating condensation on the particle forming minute water droplets. The droplets than form reflective clouds that prevent further incoming solar radiation from heating the Earth's surfaces.

From this, we can see that even if man's use of carbon based fuels added heat to the atmosphere, that heat would only add proportionately to the two other sources of heat, namely the Sun and the radioactive decay, which is responsible for the bulk heating of the Earth's interior.  The impact of the sun is about 1300 watts per square meter and because the Earth is bathed in sunlight for about 12 hours in any one location this is a huge amount of heat, In fact the sun is about 10,000 times more powerful than mankind's heating. This means that all the energy released by humans since 1800 is only equivalent to about 35 minutes of sunlight.

Those who believe otherwise have never proven there is a so galled Greenhouse Effect, whereby the CO2 in the atmosphere absorbs and then reflects infrared radiation, which in turn reheats the surface from which it absorbs the IR. This is absurd since it would violate the second law of thermodynamics. Any molecule which absorbs IR which has been given off by a warmer molecule cannot give off IR at a higher temperature, thus the CO2  molecules cannot get warmer than the Earth, and so cannot heat the Earth by this method. Heat always moves from a hot object to a cooler one. That means that the Earth can heat the air including the Carbon Dioxide in it, but the Carbon dioxide can never get warm enough to reheat the Earth's surface. Yet the IPCC keeps on trying to tell everyone the thermodynamicly impossible.

It is a real shame that the IPCC has become so corrupt that it is being usurped by the Globull Warming mongers to try to stop industrialization so they can make money by outlawing the production of the absolute necessity for all food production Carbon Dioxide. Those of you who believe this nonsense will live to regret it in more ways than higher fuel costs and higher prices for food and almost everything else.

copyright  Selwyn Firth, Toronto, October 25, 2015

Once again, the Nobel Prize committee has ignored the discovery of stem cells in awarding the prize for medicine. They were scraping the bottom of the barrel in awarding the prize to a Chinese medicine man for treating parasites. 

This is a slap in the face to Dr. James Till and the late Dr. Ernest McCullough who published their findings in 1963. Since then much interesting work has been done with stem cells and at least two Nobel prizes have been awarded for Stem Cell research. It is pretty disgusting that the Nobel Committee has never even considered the discovery of stem cells as important as the other miniscule discoveries over the past 52 years.

Not much can be said or done to shame them into awarding the prize since they have no shame and are full of hubris. The stupidity will continue because there is no other mechanism to recognize important scientific discoveries. This means that the discoveries of the past 52 years and going forward are no worth anything but derision since they have no rational for being awarded. It appears to be political and they need more women to receive them, even though the women are not really making significant contributions to science or medicine. The Prizes have been tainted by the apparent politicization in deciding who gets them as long as a woman is involved.

I realize that most people don't always agree with me , but I don't care. It doesn't make me right or wrong. There has been a lot of talk about the refugee crisis and the death of a couple of small boys. No one blames their parents for making the perilous voyage which ended so tragicly. The truth is fleeing is a cowardly act, instead of trying to overthrow a terrible man they just try to escape from the mayhem.  If a country's people  want a better government they ought to be willing to die for it. The refugees flee because they aren't willing to die for the change they want, believing it is better to risk their and their children's lives getting to a more peaceful place, most of which became peaceful by their citizens being willing to die for the peace they eventually received. I mourn not for the dead refugees, I mourn for the death of their country because of their collective cowardice. 

If people really believe in their country and that they should be free to select their rule of law then they ought to fight to obtain and retain those rights. No one is going to do this for you nor should anyone else do it for you, since if they do you will not appreciate the sacrifices needed to obtain and retain thos rights.

All of the crying any whining over the refugee cris is the result of  this unrealistic idea that the world is a peaceful place and everyone has the right to live anywhere they choose in complete freedom. This is nonsensicle since these ideas came from long standing struggles between violent leaders and the people of those countries. Millions have died in various onslaughts against tyrannical rule by governments and dictators and kings.

If a people is not willing to oust their tyrannical leader at all costs they they have no rights at all and never will. If refugees are allowed into peaceful countries they will bring their belief's with them and that alone will untimately change the social makeup as well as the beliefs of the citizenry.

Many believe that is what should be done or allowed to take place in the case of the Syrian refugee crisis. I do not, because without helping the Syrians to oust the current regime the same atrocities will continue until no one is left to fight for the change everyone wants but is unwilling to fight for.

If the western countries of Europe plus Canada and the YSA wish to do something they should make a deal with Russia to remove the sanction imposed , over the Ukraine situation, to get Russia to not interfere. With such an agreement in place the members of NATO could then just give an ultimatum to Assad and if he didn't accept it they could go in and take over. They might sustain a few thousand casualties, but that wouls be a small price to pay  to help stabilize the country and the region

It is unlikely to happen though because of the problems created by the US invasion of Iraq and the creation of ISIS it unleashed in that country. The very sad reality is that no one is willing to do what is necessary and want everyone else to support and help then, without any effort on their part, be it the refugees or the politicians of the countries they are fleeing to.

II had been interested in understanding how our solar system came to be. In particular, I first learned about the massive iron core of the Earth, making up about 50 percent of its mass. I read about the accretion theory but thought that it could not happen because of Newtonian physics. The question percolated in the deep recesses of my mind until I began reading Red Giants and White Dwarfs by Jastrow in Feb 1996.  Glancing at a model of the Solar System drawn to scale, my mind twigged to comparing the gravitation potential energy of Jupiter and Mars. This is simply mgh school physics

              I was astounded that they were almost the same, Jupiter's being larger. I then added the mgh values of Uranus and Neptune to that of Saturn and low and behold, they were almost identical. Next, I calculated the angular momentums and once again, that of Jupiter equaled the sum of the other three.  

             After calculating the mgh and angular momentum values of the gas giants, I quickly realized that it was no coincidence that the values for Jupiter were equal to the sums of the three others respectively. The only reason that this should be was if the planets had been created from something that had blown apart with enough force to move them to their current positions.

             Using the current rate of mass to energy conversion, it was calculated that it would take the present Sun 8 billion years to fuse the mass of the solar system. It became obvious that if the Sun had been formed 13.5 billion years ago, that nuclear fusion could have converted enough mass to account for all the orbiting parts of the Solar System. Knowing that Supernova stars undergo gravitational collapse and massive recoils blowing them apart, a smaller Nova type of event was suggested since smaller stars should have smaller less violent reactions.

             Based on that supposition it can be concluded that the reason that Jupiter's mgh was equal to the sum of the mgh values of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, is that the components of the Solar System were blown outward as the result of violent recoil of collapsing nickel-iron plasma in a Nova type explosion 4.5 billion years ago. The fact that the angular momentum of Jupiter is equal to the sum of the angular momenta of the other three gas giants supports the Nova theory.

            This explosion could only have been caused by an iron core collapse and recoil, which would have occurred after a long fusion process that created more than enough heavy elements to make up the solar system. This would not have created a supernova but due to the relatively small mass of the core would have caused a Nova.

             This theory of the origin of solar systems seeks to explain all the anomalies of the current accretion disk theory by refuting it completely and starting anew.

            This theory of the origin of solar systems seeks to explain all the anomalies of the current accretion disk theory by refuting it completely and starting anew.

 The essence of solar system and planetary formation is this:

             Small Sun- like stars are massive enough to undergo nuclear fusion to an iron-nickel core. Many stellar scientists do not believe this, but the evidence is very clear than small sun-like stars do have planets and solar systems. The only plausible explanation is that those stars must be able to fuse to a nickel-iron core. Of course, this takes a very long time. Based on the current rate of fusion, this is about 8 billion years. Combined with the estimated age of the solar system this sums to the age of the universe suggesting that all stars and galaxies were formed at the same time and coalesced immediately following the big bang.


            Once the initial core reached the end stage of nickel- iron nuclear fusion, it underwent an almost instantaneous gravitational collapse, increasing its rate of rotation as the radius shrank.  Reaching a density approaching that of neutrons, a violent recoil caused the Sun to go Nova, 4.5 billion years ago, expanding and cooling it to a large low mass Red Giant.


            The recoil occurred with sufficient force to separate the very dense plasma core into some very large gravitationally bound globules, which were blown outward in opposite directions. Because of their inherent angular momentum from the rapid rotation of the plasma core, all the different fragments actually followed ever-increasing spirals to their current positions. The result was that the terminal positions of the globules were related to their initial kinetic energy of the recoil and their angular momentum. This explains the mgh values of the gas giants as well as their annular momentums'.  Jupiter was blown out one side and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune the other. The smaller inner planets could have been blown out either side since their masses are so small relative to the gas giants.


             Inside the reduced pressure of the Red Giant, the globules of the core plasma coalesced into extremely dense molten proto-planets, comets and asteroids, all of which begin to orbit the center of mass of the newly formed Red Giant. The rapidly spring proto-planets were still in a very dense state and were coupled to associated smaller core fragments. As the expansion continued, the associated fragments and the proto-planets became the various moons and planets until they reached their current states. The gas giants were massive enough to capture significant quantities of hydrogen and helium, as they expanded during their outward spiral from the center of the Nova,


            The various multi element containing mostly iron globules of the multilayered core rapidly expanded, first becoming dense molten spheres. They quickly formed solid crusts of mostly lighter compounds of carbonate, phosphates, silicates and sulphates. The moon and Earth were coupled and as the liquid mass was spinning due to its angular momentum the lighter silicate -carbonate- phosphate outer layer was thrown off to become the moon. Both the Earth and moon continue to orbit about their common center of mass as they have done for the past 4.6 billion years.


            The expansion was so rapid that the temperature of the Earth's mass cooled so quickly that a solid crust formed. The temperature was low enough to allow liquid water to form, which explains the oldest water requiring minerals to have formed. The situation was the same for Mars, which also would have expanded rapidly enough to have water on it for a considerable period of time. However, over time most of the relatively small amount of water evaporated and was lost to outer space.


            All the rapidly formed orbiting debris from the Nova explosion ended up with solid crusts of various chemical compounds including the gases carbon dioxide and water plus many hydrocarbon chemicals. The larger ones became planets; much smaller ones became asteroids and comets. The rapid expansion explains the fused appearance of most of the nickel iron asteroids from the asteroid belt. The comets, which consist of mostly water-ice, were much lighter compared to the denser asteroids and were flung further from the center of the explosion.


           As the newly formed massive planets orbited the center of mass of the Red Giant, they pick up the lighter gases hydrogen and helium, since their larger masses provided the gravitational attraction necessary to retain the light gases.


            The various moons were formed as the planetary masses were coalescing and spinning quite rapidly the fragmentation of the highly ionized plasma the larger fragments had smaller bits thrown off but they remained coupled to the larger plant forming globules. Hence Jupiter's 29 moons as well as the others of the Gas Giants. It is very important to appreciate the coupling of the large planetary bodies and the fragments, which ended up becoming their respective moons. The planetary masses remained coupled to the smaller masses thrown off by them as they moved into their respective orbits.


             It is important to realize that the density of the ionized gaseous like plasma was incredibly dense due to the rabid gravitational compression and was only held together by gravity. The rapid spinning acted like a centrifuge to separate the plasma into many different sized fractions.


            This theory explains 1 the inner planets, 2 the gas giants, 3 the asteroid belt and 4 the comets and 5 the creation of the various moons associated with the planets, atmospheres and everything known about our Solar system. Essentially this is the only theory to explain all the known physical properties of our and other solar systems. The reason that Pluto has no craters is because for all its existence it has been in the same isolated orbit devoid of other crater forming objects. 

  Copyright Feb 1996 - 2015 Selwyn Robert Firth. All tights reserved.

It is interesting that the leaders of the G-7 have decided that carbon dioxide emissions should be curbed  in 85 years. This is not surprising since they all will be daed and will not have to live up to their promises, they simply leave the problem to the next generations to follow through. This is typical of most, if not all governments. Put things off so they do not have to deal with them right away. I believe the word is procrastination.

Their is no evidence that humans have done anything to the planet by burning hydrocarbon based fuels, yet the IPCC by issuing dire warnings based solely on poor computer moldels has managed to convince an overwhelming percentage of the population that it our use of such fuels that is causing the problem.

Unfortunately the blissfully ignorant have bought into the lies they have been sold and now  are acting like sheep to follow the leader, It is too bad that the more intelligent of us are unable to fight against  such blind faith.

For those who want to understand the problems we face and the lies we have been sold by the IPCC and Al Gore my book Climate Change & Global warming Lies is available at

The  world still seems to be rolling along oblivious to what is really happening . People are only interested in their own lives and do not seem to care about the political machinations of their governments. This may be a result of them buying into an unrealistic idea of what can and cannot be done.

Not caring enough to express their concerns for fear of being ridiculed is very much the behaviour of school children who are not confident about their knowledge and are afraid of being asked questions in front of the rest of the class. Not willing to express what bothers them because of the fear of ridicule is understandable but  should not prevent people from expressing themselves.

If we as a society  do not encourage people to speak up we all suffer from the silence which allows those in control of the governments to run roughshod over our rights and freedoms  as well as those we care about. We only ge a chance to reform the system every four years or so and if we do not change the system it changes to be ever more problematic for the individuals that make up our society.

I have just published my book  in Kindle format on Amazon.Ca. if you really want to know the scientific basis of why Al Gore and the IPCC are wrong with their claims that humans are to blame for "CLIMATE CHANGE".

 I have had this website registered for some time but am only now using it. It is a work in progress and I will be changing the layout from time to time, mostly adding pictures and a few videos as I go through my life. 

My basic background is that I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 54 years. This is considered by most endocrinologists to be remarkable since the attrition rate is generally considered 95 percent by 50 years duration. I am far from unique in that I know several people who have had diabetes for over 60 years, one who has had it 64 years. If you know anyone who has had diabetes for a long time, let them know about me and you can give them my email address

was born in a log cabin in a place called Lily Lake New Brunswick on New Years Eve, 1950, the third of five children. Spent my early years living through great summers and harsh winters for 15 years. Then we moved to the milder city of Toronto, Ontario. I was a very inquisitive student and just loved learning about science and especially chemistry. The knowledge just seemed to flow in and arrange itself in the proper order in my brain. I had some of the best chemistry teachers and they allowed me special privileges using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, which most high schools didn't even have. 

I eventually made it through university with a B.Sc, which my father decided to see me graduate. He didn't congratulate me nor did he shake my hand but I knew he was proud because all his friends told me how much he bragged about me. 

I have always had a fascination with chemistry and physics and have tried my best to learn what has been discovered over the past two millennia. Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to study science and they must rely on and inevitably trust people who often lie to them. I find this especially true of people like Al Gore and the IPCC. Their claims about Global warming are simply untrue and lack empirical evidence to back up their claims but most people are too ignorant to understand the problem. If a lie is repeated to ignorant people enough they will tend to accept it as truth and soon they will jump on the bandwagon and believe the lie and spread it live a cold virus to everyone they meet. The only ones who won't be affected are those who have inoculated themselves through the understanding of chemistry and physics.